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i'm christine romans. a tropical depression in the gulf of mexico has new orleans in its sights. the governor of louisiana declaring a state of emergency before the first drop of rain even falls, with forecasters predicting potentially catastrophic flooding. >> i'm al wli velshi. raging floodwaters from hurricane irene washed him away, but a new jersey man lived and now telling us how he survived mother nature's wrath. in just a few hours the government's new jobs report. will it be welcome news for you, your job, and the recovery? we'll break it down on this "american morning." good morning, everyone. it is friday, september 2nd. jobs day, september 2nd. welcome to "american morning." it's our super bowl, carol. >> it is. >> we're going to stick jobs news in between weather news. >> weather and jobs.
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that's right. >> it continues. weather reports, weather issues it continue to dominate our news. getting uneasy in the big easy this morning. we're taking a look at what's causing all of the stress. it's a tropical depression that is forming in the gulf of mexico. and new orleans could be in for a very rough weekend. flooding in new orleans. never want to have to say those things again. oil giants like exxon have evacuated their workers from offshore rigs, sent choppers to bring everyone home. the national hurricane center is issuing a tropical storm warnings with ten inches of rain expected over the next few days. >> what i want to tell folks is what we do know, there is high wind, there is a lot of rain and it's going slow. that's not a good prescription for the city of new orleans. >> it's mayor mitch landrieu. louisiana governor jindal has declared a state of emergency. it was six years ago this week when hurricane katrina came roaring through that city. boy, we've got pictures to show you what it looks like but i
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don't think anybody is going to forget that. >> i don't want to see that picture anymore. no good memories from that. >> jennifer delgado tracking this system, live from the extreme weather center in atlanta. what's it looking like? i saw you giving these forecasts a little earlier with carol and it looks -- never seen a storm forecast like that. >> yeah. you know, the problem is we don't have any steering winds to push tropical depression number 13 anywhere and over the last several hours it's really been kind of basically stationary. you can start to see more convection popping towards the south and southeastern portion of the storm. you can't pick out a center of circulation. the rain working into parts of louisiana, gusts up to 45 miles per hour, sustained winds at 39 or should say 35 miles per hour. now as i show you the trek, ali, this what is you were asking about, it's not going to be moving very much. notice by sunday, 2:00 a.m., approaching the southern coastline, louisiana, and then by monday, 2:00 a.m., still in
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that southern part of louisiana. what this is going to be doing, it's going to be causing a strong storm surge, we're also going to be talking about extremely heavy rainfall as it sits and spin, it pulls in all that moisture from the gulf and look at the rainfall totals, we're talking 10 to 15 inches and even some of the localized areas could see roughly 20 inches of rainfall. that is going to lead to some problems with flooding across parts of louisiana and even as well into parts of mississippi. now, for your forecast today, if you're going to be going down to the gulf of mexico, a lot of people planning to go to the beaches, not a good weekend for them by any means. elsewhere across the u.s., we are going to see some severe storms popping up. you can see for areas including michigan and then over towards the northeast as well as new england, we're going to see temperatures increasing as well as the relative humidity levels starting to rise. i point that out because we're also going to look at the chance for a few isolated storms to pop up. i know so many people are cleaning up after hurricane
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irene and the weather conditions will start to go downhill as we go through the weekend. ali, back over to you. >> thanks very much. we'll be keeping a close eye on this with you and your team in atlanta. >> they could use some of that rain in texas this weekend. the lone star state in the midst of a historic drought and dealing with several major wildfires. the largest not far from dallas has destroyed dozens of homes but crews may finally be getting the upper hand as we head into the weekend. cnn's jim spellman live in possum kingdom lake, it texas. good morning. are they closer to getting this thing under control? >> yeah, they are, christine. the first thing we noticed this morning, we're no longer smelling smoke and seeing ash come down. that's definitely a good sign. yesterday all day they hit this fire with helicopter drops and plane drops of retardant, be helicopter drops of water, and plane drops of retardant to get any hot spots out and keep it from spreading and as contained as possible. little help from the winds, the fire blew back on to it itself
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earlier in the day and they were able to make a lot of progress. still 50% contained. we expect that to go up today. some residents are allowed to go back home, putting together plans to get the rest of the people to come back to the heavily damaged areas and this is a big tourist area, and the economy here relies on that to try to get tourists back for this weekend for the last labor day weekend here of the summer and try to get some help there. one thing people have been asking us all week here is, is that system in the gulf going to give us rain here. unfortunately, not again. these drought conditions are going to remain until they get significant rain. therefore, could have more fires for weeks, months to come here, christine. >> jim spellman in possum kingdom lake, such a texas name. i have to find -- dig into the origin of that. >> evidently it's the resort town. a lot of big, huge, beautiful homes there, vacation homes, are located there. >> no disrespect to texas or possum kingdom lake, but i told carol as you were talking to jim, i bet like a bunch of
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